About Me

frisco mama is a collection of my ruminations, rants, and reviews as a travel writer and mommy blogger living in this cool, gray city by the bay.

why call it frisco? isn't that sacrilege to natives?

because i think it’s time to reclaim this affectionate term for the city of san francisco that was unjustly maligned by newspaper columnist herb caen in the '50s.

don’t get me wrong, i love herb, but while frisco might have sounded pejorative to mr. caen -- kerouac, hendrix, sinatra, tupac, the dead, johnny cash, and otis redding were among many who called it frisco.

and that's cool enough for me... so, i'm taking frisco back.


i write about restaurants, lodging, playgrounds, trivia, and my personal take on life in the city i've called home for two decades and where i've chosen to raise my two frisco kids. my professional bio is here.

welcome, enjoy, and please drop me a line to tell me what you love about frisco.