frisco finds: touch bodywork & massage

March 11th, 2014

frisco fave: a blissful thai massage on geary blvd in sanfrancisco[……]

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end of 2013 recap + ms update

February 6th, 2014


yay, i’m alone! so incredibly rare. i just watched an hour of true crime (my ultimate guilty pleasure), cleaned the kitchen, organized, now i’m kicking back soaking in the silence.

the holidays slipped by with the usual fanfare. mom and brother dana visited, roman got an r2d2 robot and a ridi[……]

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let’s hear it for the boy + gait gratitude

October 3rd, 2013

we celebrated roman’s sixth birthday with star wars legos, dinner (that included a firey volcano made from a stack of onions) at benihana, and a party  at aquatic park that included five kindergarten boys aboard the balclutha. i won’t get into the part about losing one of said boys except to say[……]

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tip-toe past the witch: web series

July 31st, 2013

my friend kimba contacted me recently about a cool project he’s working on called, tip-toe past the witch: web series a “children’s horror/fantasy for the 13-year-old kid in all of us.”

the costumes and sets are amazing in this story of a young girl trying to save her dysfunctional family. th[……]

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summer so far + our urban forest + an ms update

June 26th, 2013


despite the daily bickering about who gets the ipad, it’s been a fun summer so far with the kids home. next week we leave for the east coast for a month!

parker and i kicked off the summer with a visit the de young museum to view the ‘the girl with the pearl earring’ show. i have to[……]

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